Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hey you, in the business suit!

Please take a minute to fill out our short survey to help us help you have more fun at work. When finished please e-mail to jackiestarker@gmail.com if you don't feel comfortable posting your answers as a comment on the blog.



What is your profession?

Where do you work?

How long have you been working there?

Describe your average day.

What type of work environment is it? (cubicle/studio/own office etc.)

How often do you attend meetings?

Describe the environment of your meetings (formal/informal/boring/fun etc.)

Name five objects you keep on your desk/workspace.

What do you do to unwind during work hours?

What do you do for fun at work?

How comfortable is your work chair?

Describe your lunch break (length/in office/go out)

How do you commute/how long is it?

Would you be willing to participate in further research? If so, please provide your contact information.

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